301 W 5th St, Tilton, IL


the owners

‚ÄčTilton Car Wash is locally owned and personally operated just has it has been for decades.  

"Our customers know we will save them time and protect their car's finish", Pam Troxel-General Partner.   



Vacuum station offer high-velocity suction that pick up everything you have dropped on those floor mats. 

Vac before or after your wash.  Your choice!  Stations are conveniently located at both entrance and exit of wash bays. 


best results

spot-free rinse

no towel drying

We provide towels for sale in our vending area, however don't sell many and we're HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY about it because our customers know the secret!

What do they know that you don't?

Using the proper technique ensures professional results every time.  

  1. LIFT
  2. SOAP
  4. RINSE



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  • TO REPORT DAMAGE OR BROKEN EQUIPMENT,              text or phone:  217-918-0539

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